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Repaying Your

Student Loans


For information about your Direct Student Loans, go to:

TIP #1: Don't borrow just because you can!

You may be eligible to borrow a lot of money, but so what... you have to PAY IT BACK!

The more you borrow, the higher your monthly payment will be. That means less money later on for

a car payment, less money for a house or condo, less money for clothes, travel, or fun...

My advice is to only borrow what you need for tuition. Don't borrow a lot of extra money for living expenses, get a part time job and trim the fat. You will thank yourself later.

TIP #2: Pay Back Your STUDENT LOANS or Suffer the Consequences!

Word to the wise ,DO NOT get behind in your student loan payments if you live in Tennessee and 21 other states. You will lose your DRIVER'S LICENSE and your professional certification (COSMETOLOGY LICENSE) if you fail to repay your student loan. No ride and no job. So budget accordingly and skip the movie and dinner, or you may be walking, Not cool. They aren't playing around...

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