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The following items are in our Cosmetology Kit:

1 Milady Standard Textbook

1 Milady Standard Theory Workbook

1 Milady Standard Practical Workbook

1 Milady Review Book

1 Tennessee State Law Packet

1 Image Maker Beauty Institute Orientation Notebook

1 Manikin Holder

4 Manikins

1 Vent Brush

3 Round Brushes

1 Haircutting Scissors

1 Thinning Shears

1 Hair Shaper Razor

1 Box - 5 pack stainless steel razor blades

1 Flat Iron

1 Spring Loaded Curling Iron

1 Vinyl Shampoo Cape

1 Blow Dryer

1 Rattail Comb

1 All Purpose Comb

1 Box - Duckbill Clips

1 Box - Single Prong Clips

1 Pack - Butterfly Clips

1 Hand

1 Highlighting Comb

1 Color Bowl

1 Applicator Bottle

1 Water Bottle

1 Nylon Tote Bag

Rollers, Perm Rods, Foils, Color Bowls, Manicuring Implements, Chemicals, Misc. Supplies, etc. are provided by the school...

We also provide a kit that is packed, labeled and ready to go for you to take your Practical State Board Exam.  

We don't have a huge student kit because it simply isn't necessary! We have so much stuff in stock at the school that you can use, we want you to save your money for when you go to work. Buy the bling when you get your first job in the industry. We started off using a huge, expensive kit, with everything but the kitchen sink. It was nice and pretty, but the students didn't use it because we didn't need all of that.

We won't charge you for an I-Pad that you probably already have, or makeup that you can buy at the mall. Anyone can go and watch videos, why would we charge you for that? We have a wide variety of DVD's available at the school if you want to use them. We use different methods of teaching, however, this profession is still very hands on, and we still teach the old school way, with a real teacher! We have chosen not to participate in distance learning because we want to ensure that you understand the material and aren't left to figure it out on your own. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!  

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