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Class Schedule

 Classes Start:
  The first Monday and Wednesday
 of each month.

 Classes are taught in rotating modules.


We offer two schedules.  
Full time  

30 Hours Per Week
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
8:30 am to 7:30 pm
3 Days a Week

20 Hour Per Week
Monday and Tuesday
8:30 am to 7:30 pm
2 Days a Week

We only have space for a maximum of 45
each schedule.  If we are full, you will be on our waiting list, and you will be chosen for consideration in the order that you applied.  As soon as someone graduates, you will be notified of that opening.

Weather Policy
Classes will be dismissed early or canceled when the administration deems that the weather conditions would threaten the health or safety of the students, faculty, or staff.   School closings will be posted on our Facebook page.  Our Facebook page is titled IMAGE MAKER BEAUTY INSTITUTE.

Drivers discretion is always advised.
Everyone lives in different communities and the weather is not always the same.
Please use your discretion when coming to school.  Remember, you have extra scheduled hours built into your enrollment agreement for times like these.
We will close for hazardous road conditions only.

If the school is closed it will be posted on our Facebook Page.  Click here to like our page and stay informed. 


Attendance Warning:  
It is your responsibility to notify the school if you are going to be absent.   If you miss 14 consecutive calendar days (10 consecutive calendar SCHOOL days) and are not on a leave of absence, or have not contacted the school,  you will be dropped from school.

No School On Saturday !



How long will it take to Graduate ?

CALCULATION:  Total Contracted Hours Divided by the 
Number of Hours that You Attend Each Week.

30 hours per week would take 50 weeks
 20 hours per week would take 75 weeks 

It's like everything else in life, 
YOUR results are up to YOU.


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