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Susan Speck-Webster


Each of our staff members brings to Image Maker their own unique
 area of expertise in the beauty education industry.  One person can't do it all, so we each do what we do best.   Together  we create a  special team that is dedicated to our student's educational growth.  
We love working with students and all that goes with it.
Each day is a new adventure and we enjoy the experience.

Student Director / Student Salon
Senior Instructor 
Paula Wooten

Admissions & Financial Aid Director
Crystal Estep

Beginning Modules and 
Senior Instructor
Jacob Kernodle

Junior Instructor
Malisa Wilson Harrison

Senior Instructor
Rose Schoene

Senior Instructor
Kelli Lassiter

Senior Instructor 
Anita Thomas
Photo Coming Soon
Mrs. Thomas is our Theory Teacher

Crystal, Paula, Jacob, Malisa and Rose

JUNIOR COSMETOLOGY INSTRUCTOR Definition:  A Junior Instructor is a licensed Cosmetologist with a minimum of three years experience, that is training 
to be an instructor under one on one direction of a Senior Licensed Instructor in a school environment. We have a different Junior Instructor for each day.  Our Junior Instructors each work in industry related jobs.  We love the fresh perspective and variety that having Junior Instructors bring to our school.   Thanks, guys... 
We appreciate your help!  

We Just Want You To Be Happy

I have an open door policy for all my students, staff, and clients.  
If for any reason, you wish to talk to me, I will always make myself available. Your input is important to me and I welcome your 
comments, and concerns.

Susan Webster

A+ Rating

Organizational Chart
     Pecking Order    


Susan Webster
Owner, President

Paula Wooten
Student Director

Financial Aid



Junior Instructors

See, YOU get to be the
boss of someone! :)




John Mayer
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